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Based on 15 years of industry experience, LDS Co., Ltd. possesses an exclusive know-how in LED DISPLAY system. got recognized for world-class technology with the success of innovative LC9375. even as a late starter, gains more trust with the most up-to-date technical skills adapting to the fast changing technological environment. will successfully develop and present more variety of advanced LED DISPLAY.

LDS Co., Ltd. is fast growing in LED DISPLAY rental/sales business with the success of LC9375, a multi-solution display equipment with the lowest weight & the highest resolution, providing a differentiated technical skills, design and sales power. is developing more advanced technology to meet customers’ needs in rental business from the experience of working with Korean Free TV networks (KBS, MBC, SBS) and other event companies. keeps developing new products to satisfy various demands from LED DISPLAY market with a creative challenging spirit. LDS will keep doing our best and promises to be your long run partner in this ever-changing technological environment.

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